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The following software was written, in whole or in part, by associates of Publishing Writes:

Windows CleanUp!

CleanUp! is a powerful and easy-to-use application that removes temporary files created while surfing the Web, empties the Recycle Bin, deletes files from your temporary folders and more.

CleanUp! frees disk space and reduces the "clutter" on your computer helping it to run more efficiently. It also can be used as a way to protect your privacy on the Internet. You can even instruct CleanUp! to securely delete files, making it impossible to retrieve their contents using lower-level disk tools - just another way of protecting your privacy.

For more information and to download CleanUp!, refer to the CleanUp! home page.

Private Eye

Ever wondered how Windows and Internet Explorer automatically populate some forms on the web for you? From where does it get that information? The answer is "protected storage" - supposedly a "protected" area. However, using Private Eye you can easily view and change the contents of this area. This is useful to keep track of how much personal information gets stored on your computer at work or on any shared computer. No special decryption tools or knowledge are required. Everything you need is included with Private Eye.

For more information and to download Private Eye, refer to the Private Eye home page.


OpenForecast is a library of general purpose, forecasting models written in Java that can be applied to any data series. One of the design goals is to make it easy for a developer to use in an application even if they do not understand, or care to understand, the differences between the various forecasting models available. This project is hosted on, and is licensed under the GNU Library or Lesser Public License (LGPL).

Through careful implementation, the Java source code can also easily be migrated to J# .NET using Visual Studio for use in .NET applications.

DOC++ for Windows

DOC++ is a very powerful, cross-platform documentation tool for C++, C and Java programmers. If you are familiar with javadoc, DOC++ is similar to that but far more powerful. Visit the DOC++ web site for more information.


JDOM is an XML document manipulation library written in Java. Publishing Writes associates have made various contributions to the JDOM project, including bug fixes, minor enhancements and the addition of the JDOM "Easter Egg".

For more information and to download JDOM, visit the JDOM web site.


Other small contributions - such as bug fixes, documentation, and answering user questions in newsgroups and discussion lists - have been made to various open source projects including PHP, Linux and Apache Tomcat.